team vara.

Xavier Zamarripa


Xavier is a successful businessman, vintner, distiller, and artist with growing international recognition. His formal training at the University of Dallas, and studies in ceramic engineering at Alfred University in New York, were followed by travels abroad through recognition of his artistic talents. He was classically trained at the Vatican Mosaic Studio. During his tenure there he was charged with tending vines in the Garden of the Vatican City. A chore became a fascination, and later, an inspiration.

Xavier’s success in art, innovation, business, and engagement with various charitable organizations has created a large and diverse pool of networks and resources that circle through his work. Xavier’s zest for life, natural curiosity, and pursuit of technical mastery to honor (if never precisely attain) the creative force of nature serves to unify the seemingly disparate ventures. An artist at heart with a flair for technical innovation, Xavier’s versatility retains a focus on business and marketing that provided a firm foundation and setting for all that is Vara.

This creative force is the reason that the pleasurable essentials of Vara are so special. This circle of artists, apexes on a crown, ‘entre iguales’, create a range of extraordinary experiences that fully express their combined talent, passion, and the culmination of experience.

Given the rapid growth of the company and expansion beyond New Mexico, in the spring of 2022 Xavier Zamarripa and Doug Diefenthaler passed the management reins on to Ryan Price as Chairman to allow the next generation of leadership to step forward.

Xavier left Vara in 2022 to take on the role as president of Opera Southwest and to launch new businesses.