Vara’s passion for fine distilled spirits is rooted in Spain, our home and heart are firmly planted in America. When a fortuitous meeting brought Scott Feuille to our door, we learned of his passion for craft spirit distillation particularly classic American spirits. Herein Vara secured a head distiller, and a partnership with Taylor Garrett Whiskey was born.


Accelerating Tradition

Artisanally distilled from a bourbon mash

An uncommonly smooth spirit, deep amber in color, showing strong notes of vanilla, caramel and a touch of smoke leading to a spicy rye finish.

Unfiltered with no additives.

Our handcrafted whiskey uses breakthrough oak aging technology unlike traditionally aged whiskies that take years to each maturity in oak barrels. The result rivals even the best aged whiskey flavor profiles.

Taylor Garrett is best enjoyed neat, over a large ice cube or mixed in a whiskey-forward cocktail such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.


53. 750 ML


Accelerating Tradition

Artisanally distilled from a rye mash


Taylor Garrett Rye is the bold and rugged sibling of our original Taylor Garrett Whis- key. Using time-honored distilling techniques paired with our innovative, all-natural oak aging process, we’ve switched up the mash bill to put the
spotlight on the spice.

Unfiltered with no additives.

A strong nose of vanilla and toasted maple prepare the palate for a hint of sweetness that gives way to the complex spiciness that Rye lovers have come to expect. The exceptionally smooth finish lingers pleasantly in anticipation of the next sip.


53. 750 ML


Accelerating Tradition

Artisanally distilled from a malt mash


Canteen Brewhouse, NM’s longest-standing craft brewery, has partnered with us to present the Taylor Garrett Canteen Imperial Malt. TG’s first all-malt whiskey is a powerhouse that showcases the profiles of six unique malted barleys.

Non chill filtered with no additives.

The nose reflects its imperial stout origin; strong notes of toffee, nut brittle, roasted malt. Slight sweetness on palate yields to coffee, cocoa & rich malt. 

72. 750 ML