Painted Sky Vodka

Welcome to the heart of VARA Distillery, where our passion for artisanal craftsmanship meets the rich heritage of New Mexico. Each bottle in our spirits family is an expression of exceptional taste and a symphony of local ingredients and time-honored distilling arts. We invite you to explore the vibrant personalities of our spirits, each with a story distilled to perfection.
Aspire to Painted Sky Vodka
Painted Sky Vodka

Embark on an exquisite experience. Carefully distilled from grapes, VARA’s Painted Sky Vodka is designed to captivate the palates of both vodka enthusiasts and skeptics.

Savor its clean, refreshing taste, complemented by a smooth, rounded mouthfeel and subtle hints of citrus.

Our vodka shows light floral notes with a smooth texture. Initial sips reveal subtle fresh berry fruit accompanied by a creamy mouthfeel and rounded palate with a rolling warmth.

Serving Suggestions

Serve straight from the freezer. We love this easy-drinking vodka over ice with a twist of lemon. Adding an ice cube or a few drops of water brings out the florals and reveals a creaminess that is perfect for sipping. This spirit also shines in a vodka tonic or a very dry martini.

Handcrafted | Small batch

80 proof (40% ABV) – 750 ml 

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