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Welcome to our spirited world. Grounded in tradition, we thrive on trying new things, pushing boundaries, and discovering the extraordinary. We love to riff off our roots, exploring uncharted territory while paying homage to the rich history that defines us. 

We’re the perfect blend of old and new, a harmonious fusion of heritage and innovation. Come with us on a journey where every sip is a celebration of our boundless spirit.

Ayisha Mares

Distiller Assistant

Ayisha Mares

Born and raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Ayisha has been at VARA for over 2 years. VARA was their first job in this industry. They started as a Cellar Worker and eventually moved over to work on the distillery side, which they love. They love it so much that they are currently studying Distilled Spirit Technology at CNM. When Ayisha is not crafting your favorite VARA spirits, they make 3D art on their computer and cuddle their dog, Sprout.

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